Ayeri Grammar

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Blog articles amend, elaborate on, or expand the grammar spontaneously. Recent media files reflect the current state of the language, often also including interlinear glossing.

As of now, the grammar write-up is still only half finished and already partially out-of-date again, as I haven’t gone on writing since January 2011. The language itself is more complete, though, just look at the blog or recent media items. —CB, 2013-04-07

Click on the image above to download the grammar file, neatly organized as a PDF. The Ayeri Grammar tries to describe the language with scientific detail, taking Thomas Payne’s Describing Morphosyntax: A Guide for Field Linguists (Cambridge: CUP, 1997) as a guideline. As a work in progress, it has gone through several forms of presentation since 2003, and it is still being improved.