ADMIN: Media Gallery Function Changed

[EDIT: Things work again now like they used to, after talking to the developer of File Gallery, who fixed a bug he’d overlooked at first. Thanks again, Bruno! —CB 2011-12-17]

I’ve updated to WordPress 3.3 and File Gallery 1.7 yesterday, which caused some unforseen trouble. I’m using File Gallery to generate the Media page, so that all files in my “media gallery” labeled with a certain tag are shown as a list. So far, it was no problem generating pages for the respective year tags on the fly, but after updating both WordPress and File Gallery, this functionality broke. I’ve tried several things to get back the old functionality but didn’t succeed, as the way custom taxonomy is handled by one of the softwares involved seems to have changed (I need to investigate on this).

The Media page thus now lists everything tagged “example” divided into years by headings, instead of generating by-year pages, which you could previously access from a pull-down menu when you hovered over the Media item in the top menu. I’m still trying to restore the old functionality because of now-broken URLs.